Collectible Rudolph Reindeer refrigerator Magnets

and/or ornaments

Rudolph donation suggested $20+shipping($5est)
(in contiguous USA only)

Every Reindeer is totally unique, no two are made alike, on wooden clothes pins 3 to 3 1/2 in.

great for presents, and can be clipped to the tree too!

Collectible, signed, Very Limited Edition

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here is a bit of what I do to make the reindeers

1. paint the clothes pins brown and glue magnets to the back of them

2. paint the wooden knobs for the heads brown

3. cut off edges of wired ribbon and make them so they would fit on the

front of the deer which is half a wine cork which has edges beveled cut

4. glue the leather legs onto back of cork and then glue the fabric on the cork.before you glue the body to the clothes pin, make the little collars for them.

I sew the little bell onto it and dab glue onto the ends and then in back of the neck part.

5. glue that all onto the clothes pin front

6. the knobs have holes that are too big for the bamboo stick pieces so

you have to use wood filler into the holes and then insert cut pieces of bamboo,

let that dry thoroughly, they will be too long but that makes it easier

to hold when painting the face onto it.

7. paint on the light brown around the nose and mouth

8. paint the base for the eyes and also eyelids and other designs

9. paint or draw the eyes on with paints and/felt pens and/or markers

10. draw the mouths on

11. insert the bamoo stick into the hole drilled into the clothes pin, cut close and

sand it off, and then glue that in and let dry.

12. cut out pattern for the ears, gluing two together, let dry, then

fold over inner edges

13. using brown or tan pipe cleaners, fold so you create the antlers, and

glue the ears onto them and then glue those onto the head.

14 . Last but not least , glue the little red puff on for the nose. and also dab

some black paint or marker onto the bottoms of legs for the hooves.

and you have a Rudolph Reindeer!

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